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An International Eye on the News: La Stampa / 40k

19 Feb 2013 di Letizia Sechi

A new kind of journalism: as technology opens new perspectives on lots of different aspects, the intersection between books and news is one of the most interesting to explore.

Bruce Sterling: The Complete Interview, 2013

02 Jan 2013 di 40k Team

Cory Doctorow, Paul Di Filippo, Richard Nash, Ted Striphas, Matthew Battles, Marianne de Pierres, Giuseppe Granieri, John Sundman, Nils Gilman, Giuliana Guazzaroni: asked @Bruces their questions.

How Cyberpunk Saved Sci-Fi

23 Jun 2012 di 40k Team

"Science fiction was stuck in a complacent groove by the 1980s. You could go into a bookstore and find Arthur C. Clarke’s next Odyssey installment or Isaac Asimov’s books about the three laws of robotics. Robert Heinlein was still churning out sex and philosophy.

What will the global e-book market look like by 2016?

12 Jun 2012 di 40k Team

New data from Pricewaterhouse Coopers’ Global Entertainment and Media Outlook projects that e-books will make up 50 percent of the U.S. trade book market by 2016. What will happen in the rest of the world during that time? PwC gave paidContent an exclusive look at their e-book data, and here are some of their predictions.

How to become an ebook superstar

07 Jun 2012 di 40k Team

A growing number of ambitious authors are turning to self-publishing. But how do they translate their aspirations into success?

On the whole, book publishers are a decent lot.

04 Jun 2012 di 40k Team

"Pity the poor antipiracy pitchman. Digital media means perfect copying, and most pirate goods are now of comparable quality to the official release, and often superior to the commercial alternative. Pirated e-books, for example, can be easily converted to any format, for any player. And pirated games don’t include antipiracy technology that force-quits your game every time your network connection bobbles.

Amazon Is The Only Company Encouraging Competition | Techdirt

01 Jun 2012 di 40k Team

"Author Joe Konrath has written a fantastic letter to the Justice Department to counter letters sent by the Association of Authors' Representatives and the Authors Guild (and some others), complaining about the DOJ's antitrust lawsuit against certain publishers and Apple to collude to keep ebook prices high.

The Amazon Effect

31 May 2012 di 40k Team

"From the start, Jeff Bezos wanted to “get big fast.” He was never a “small is beautiful” kind of guy. The Brobdingnagian numbers tell much of the story. In 1994, four years after the first Internet browser was created, Bezos stumbled upon a startling statistic: the Internet had been growing at the rate of 2,300 percent annually. In 1995, the year Bezos, then 31, started Amazon, just 16 million people used the Internet. A year later, the number was 36 million, a figure that would multiply at a furious rate. Today, more than 1.7 billion people, or almost one out of every four humans on the planet, are online. Bezos understood two things. One was the way the Internet made it possible to banish geography, enabling anyone with an Internet connection and a computer to browse a seemingly limitless universe of goods with a precision never previously known and then buy them directly from the comfort of their homes. The second was how the Internet allowed merchants to gather vast amounts of personal information on individual customers.

Promoting your book in iBooks

31 May 2012 di 40k Team

"One of the questions I’m constantly asked when I present workshops on Indie Publishing is: How do we promote in iBooks? or How do we increase sales in iBooks? Its not an easy question to answer. One of the things I’m working on today for Cool Gus Publishing is to add links in our website to where our eBooks are available on other sites. We believe this is a good service for our customers and some people just want that easy “one-click” from Amazon or prefer to buy from Barnes and Noble, supporting the bookstore.

Self-Publishing And The Burden Of Proof

30 May 2012 di 40k Team

"Traditional publishing is, for better or for worse, the current status quo. A book goes through the onerous task of reaching an audience — agent to editor to publication to bookshelves — and that’s the way it’s been for decades. Self-publishing has always existed, sure, but over the last many years it has been a fringe act. This is no longer true, of course, but that doesn’t change the fact that this current wave of self-publishing possibility is very new. It is not the status quo.

The Future of Book Cover Design in the Digital Age

28 May 2012 di 40k Team

"Ereaders are literally changing the way we read. But for all the efficiency and portability they offer, they lack the curious romance of reading a book in its hard, physical form—not least the charms that lie on the cover.

Going to where the readers are (how publishing is a service industry too)

28 May 2012 di 40k Team

"Many authors make a Kindle only decision.  They participate in the Kindle Owners Lending Library which means their books are exclusive to Kindle for a period of 90 days.  They may choose to do business with publishers who do not have distribution arms other than through Amazon and their own sites.

Are Books Becoming Too Long to Read?

25 May 2012 di 40k Team

Are writers including every nugget of research done on Google, and are publishers churning out these humongous volumes in order to justify their existence and bulk up e-book prices?

How Amazon is changing the rules for books and movies

25 May 2012 di 40k Team

Of course, creating a new set of rules poses a threat to the businesses that have thrived playing the old game. The ability to buy books online with just a click, as well as the cut-rate pricing pressure that online retailers such as Amazon offer, have undermined brick-and-mortar booksellers. TV and movie studios are trying to figure out how to make money when consumers can often swipe their programming for free or watch those shows on subscription services, such as Amazon Instant Video, and its rivals Netflix and Hulu.

E-bookselling Means Being Relevant, Accessible, Honest

24 May 2012 di 40k Team

"There’s a new world in sight. For publishers, it’s a world with less risk and higher margins, with less conjectures and more control. For readers, it’s a world with books written just for them. For all of us, it is a world filled with great stories.

The Precarious State of the Literary Interview

24 May 2012 di 40k Team

"The 2010s may rightly be called the age of the interview. Interviews appear regularly in magazines and newspapers, on blogs, websites, videocasts, television, and podcasts.

Disintermediating Amazon

23 May 2012 di 40k Team

"More readers than ever are reading more books than ever. Yet for more than two decades now, for at least as long as I’ve been in publishing––and certainly preceding the rise of Amazon––the lamentations of publishers and storeowners have filled the land.

The Ebook Landscape Is Broken

23 May 2012 di 40k Team

"Since technically we all work in publishing, it makes sense to turn our collective attention to the technical and logistic challenges of ebooks. They are a new frontier, but it looks a lot like the old web frontier, with HTML, CSS, and XML underpinning the main ebook standard, ePub.

Amazon v newspaper: which is the more valuable review?

23 May 2012 di 40k Team

"Last week's paper from the Harvard Business School asking "What makes a critic tick?" put me in mind of teachers and bombs. Literary critics can be either, but are they any longer central to the chances of a novelist's success?

Why is Science Fiction Dying?

23 May 2012 di 40k Team

"Science fiction appears to have two big problems in the marketplace. One is that fantasy is outselling it by about 3:1.

Social Media is an Imperfect Sales Tool. Use it Anyway

23 May 2012 di 40k Team

"Social media is an imperfect sales tool. Even if you have a following of hundreds of thousands of people, a small percentage of those will see your posts about your work, a smaller percentage of those will click through, and a smaller percentage than those will actually buy.

Philip K. Dick, Sci-Fi Philosopher

22 May 2012 di 40k Team

"Philip K. Dick is arguably the most influential writer of science fiction in the past half century. In his short and meteoric career, he wrote 121 short stories and 45 novels.

Pricing Books and Ebooks

21 May 2012 di 40k Team

"Much of what Amazon does is smart. Not having a printed price on their published books, and not having prices in product descriptions, means Amazon can change prices when needed.

Books With 140 Characters

19 May 2012 di 40k Team

"This is a shame, because from my seat — as an author, a journalist and, yes, a tweeter — Twitter is anything but a threat to the world of publishing and reading. It’s an opportunity.

Can Science Explain Why We Tell Stories?

19 May 2012 di 40k Team

"Stories, more even than stars or spectacle, are still the currency of life, or commercial entertainment, and look likely to last longer than the euro. There’s no escaping stories, or the pressures to tell them.

The Changing Politics of the Self-Publishing Stigma

18 May 2012 di 40k Team

"Fact is, most people buy a book for one reason: they want a good read. Assuming the book delivers, they don’t care who published it; many don’t even notice. With publishing cachet exerting less influence on purchasing decisions, price has become more of a factor. In a depressed economy, it’s only natural to look for a deal—and indie authors offer one. With greater flexibility and lower overhead, self-publishers can afford to sell their e-books for a fraction of the price charged by large".

What Makes a Great Story

18 May 2012 di 40k Team

"What makes a great story? Kurt Vonnegut had 8 rules, Jack Kerouac had 30 beliefs and techniques, evolutionary biology has some theories, and famous writers have some tips.

Requiem For The Romantic Ideal Of Authorship

18 May 2012 di 40k Team

"Then get back to your manuscript. And your blog. And your website. And your social media sites. And your continuing education in the art and business of publishing. Because actually, it's never been a better time to be you, the writer with commercial aspirations, either. You've got more tools and information at your disposal than any previous generation of writers. It's never been easy to make it as a mainstream, commercial author, the romanticized ideal of authorship has never been true. Maybe it's difficult now for different reasons, but work and sacrifice were always going to be part of the equation."

The 99-Cent Debate

31 Dec 2011 di Letizia Sechi

News: links you may have missed about the 99-cent ebook price topic

Chicken Little by Cory Doctorow

09 Nov 2011 di 40k Team

Just published: a story with a product designer, jetpacks and an immortal quadrillionaire living in a vat.

The short longs of the fiction world

30 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction World: Geoff Cole: "The short longs of the fiction world, novelettes (long stories) and novellas (short novels) are making a comeback thanks to e-reading. Short longs differ from short stories in that they have deep, twisting plots, but they aren't cluttered by subplots like their bloated older cousin, the novel. They are page turners, or button pushers for the e-readers out there."

Readers are hungry for short stories

30 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction Week: Paul Di Filippo: "the "Big Six" of global publishers have shamefully abandoned genre short-story collections. But..."

The novelette is the natural length for prose fiction

30 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction Week: Damien G. Walter: "The greatest short stories impact on our psyche in much the same way as the major events of our life. They tell us something about ourselves that we would never otherwise know. And what they tell is often not good. These stories are rare, and even the greatest writers will produce only a few through their career."

The market for short fiction is enormous

29 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction Week: Jacob Appel: "If properly cultivated, the market for short fiction is enormous; unfortunately, many of the "wise men and women" at the large agencies and publishing houses view the short story as a training ground for future novelists rather than as a distinct art form of its own."

Four things between a short story and a novel

28 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction Week: John Sundman: "A short story generally focuses on one transformative event in the life of one character, while a novel describes a series of transformative events of several characters set in the larger context of a society and a world. Novelettes and novellas play with the permutations in between; the best of them play with these permutations in unexpected way."

Short fiction can be a perfect showcase for brilliant literary talent

28 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction Week: Marianne de Pierres: "If a short story is not well constructed and tightly written though, it can be much less satisfying that a novel. Also, people do look for value for money in reading, and short fiction can sometimes be viewed as merely an entrée."

Writing short fiction is like entering a sprint race

28 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction Week: Graham Edwards: "Writing short fiction is like entering a sprint race. Novels require you to run a marathon. Whichever you write, getting to the finish tape still takes a hell of a lot of sweat."

Four must read novellas

28 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction week: Stephanie Campisi: "Running the website Read in a Single Sitting means that plenty of short reads come my way, but surprisingly very few of them novellas or novelettes. That said, I've read (or listened to) several this year that have stood out in my mind."

Many readers think that short fiction is not a serious reading

27 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction Week: Piotr Kowalczyk: "One good short story is better than one bad novel. It’s pretty obvious and anyone can agree with that. The challenge is to promote to readers good quality short fiction, and keep repeating it’s fully worth time and money - especially that it’s not a lot of time and money."

The short fiction is not a second thought, but a bold statement

26 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction Week: Dario Tonani: "Some critics still persist in the prejudice that a short story is an incomplete novel or at least a plot that the writer didn't deem worth developing further. How wrong! The short story/novelette is not a second thought, but a bold statement, even an act of courage".

Writers are returning to experimenting with shorter pieces

26 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction Week: David Gaughran: "With digital publishing, the obstacles shorter work faced with regard to the economics of printing don’t exist and writers are returning to experimenting with shorter pieces for promotional purposes and pure love of the form."

Seven short fiction recommendations spanning seven decades

25 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction week: Jamie Todd Rubin: "I have written that science fiction is a cumulative literature. So in thinking about some novelettes and novellas to recommend for Short Fiction Week, I decided to choose one from each of the last seven decades of the genre."

Indie Authors Are Leading the Way of Short Fiction

24 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction week: Story is the foundation of human experience. But some stories are long by their nature, others can be told in a moment. The more you have in common with your reader, the more of your story can be told by implication, and the shorter it might be.

The Superb Novella: Concise, Rich, Overwhelming

24 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction week: Unique concepts, cleverly engineered plots, enthralling language. A novella is an opportunity for an author to prove how sharp and careful they can be.

The Short Fiction and the Subway Theory of Reading

23 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction week: People like to have stories they can easily consume during their commute. This also applies to lunch hours. Or breaks. There is a love of a complete reading experience within a limited frame.

Short Fiction Week

23 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Short Fiction Week: Starting today until October 29, 2011, we will post a lot of interviews with interesting folks (from writers to publishers) and many insightful reading tips

The Worst Business in the World

21 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Ben Tarnoff: "E-books are to publishers today what subscription houses were to publishers then: ingenious, earth-shattering ideas beloved by ordinary readers."

Postcards from World-9

02 Oct 2011 di Letizia Sechi

Cardanica: Franco Brambilla - an Italian illustrator devoted to science fiction - shows us his personal vision of this infernal creature..

The Future of Reading

02 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Peter Preston: "The book isn't dead. The novel isn't dead, either."

Kindle is a Service

01 Oct 2011 di 40k Team

Jenn Webb: "Amazon's long game isn't to sell hardware, it's to wrangle customers."

Hard Truths for Book Publishers

30 Sep 2011 di 40k Team

Matthew Cain: "But for me, the impact of the ebook is about more than just sales. Digitalisation of books has exposed the glacial pace at which the publishing industry moves. In today’s world, it seems ludicrous to have to wait a whole year for a format intended to connect with a mass readership. We’re used to getting what we want instantly – and publishing is starting to look woefully out of step.

The Future of the Book

27 Sep 2011 di 40k Team

Sam Harris: "If your book is 600 pages long, you are demanding more of my time than I feel free to give. And if I could accomplish the same change in my view of the world by reading a 60-page version of your argument, why didn’t you just publish a book this length instead?"

Amazon's grip tightens on the entire book-publishing chain

27 Sep 2011 di 40k Team

Julianne Pepitone: "As more customers adopt Kindles, iPads and other devices that make e-books more attractive, the print-to-digital shift will start snowballing. By expanding its own publishing arm, Amazon accelerates the rate at which traditional publishers could find themselves entirely cut out of the supply chain."

Changing Reading Forever, Again

26 Sep 2011 di 40k Team

Elizabeth Minkel: "Book sales might be dropping, but for now, those of us who read are not about to abandon the pastime. The question is how hard we should be working to convert the half of Americans who do not. "

Disruption Is Not A Dirty Word

15 Sep 2011 di 40k team

David Gaughran: "The large publishers will tell you that people are quite happy to pay $9.99 or even $14.99 for John Grisham’s latest. But these readers are not attached to the price point or the publisher, the brand they are loyal to is the author"

Publishing vs Self-publishing: Amazon is the Best of Both Worlds

15 Sep 2011 di 40k Team

Barry Eisler: "But when Amazon heard about my decision, they approached me and essentially offered me the best of both worlds: the kind of split, control, and time-to-market I wanted from self-publishing, combined with Amazon's marketing muscle."

The real gatekeepers in publishing now? Authors.

14 Sep 2011 di 40k team

Bob Mayer: "99.5% of indie/self-published authors will be gone in two years. Other will take their place. And be gone in two years. The gatekeeper to a writer’s success is the writer."

Socializing Inside the Book

13 Sep 2011 di 40k Team

Scott Nicholson: "I want to bring people into the books so we can share human experience."

Trends in Publishing: 15 People You Should Follow (and Why)

07 Sep 2011 di gg

Giuseppe Granieri: "There’s more than 15 people that you should follow -I'm grateful to every single source in my feed reader. I compiled this list trying to cover different points of view. Feel free to add more sources: comments are open"

The shape of our future book

07 Sep 2011 di 40k Team

Craig Mod: "Future-book design is not merely about font sizes and leading. Instead, our hardest (and possibly most rewarding) problems will involve the intermingling of content and data."

The preservation of reading as a special act

02 Sep 2011 di 40k Team

Rachel Syme: "What is worth fighting for in the new landscape is not printed matter itself (which will likely survive either way, as a rarified collectible even if nothing else), but the preservation of reading as a special act."

Would you let someone die?

31 Aug 2011 di Letizia Sechi

Jacob Appel: leads the reader into a moral conflict through his meticulous narrative. At which point respecting other's beliefs could imply letting someone die? Would you stay at someone's side till science (or illness) do you part?

The death of books has been greatly exaggerated

30 Aug 2011 di 40k Team

Lloyd Shepherd: "Radical change is certainly producing some alarming symptoms – but much of the doomsayers' evidence is anecdotal, and it's possible to read a much happier story"

For publishers, here's the nightmare...

29 Aug 2011 di 40k Team

Nathan Bransford: "For publishers, here's the nightmare publishing path for authors of the future: Author signs with traditional publisher for first book, author hits it big, author says thankyouverymuch I got this now and self-publishes from then on out."

Who Has the Power in Publishing

26 Aug 2011 di 40k team

J.A. Konrath, Blake Crouch: "The Big 6 would come on to writers like a very attractive woman would come on to an eligible man."

Konrath: "Publishing can't survive. It just can't. It is no longer necessary"

24 Aug 2011 di 40k team

Joe Konrath: "If Locke, whose print sales numbers are unproven and open to speculation, can demand to keep his erights, Stephen King and James Patterson will make the same demands. They're watching Locke, and Pottermore. If enough Big Authors follow suit, the Big 6 won't be able to recover."

Publishers need to not even think of readers as readers

24 Aug 2011 di 40k Team

Richard Nash: "We need to go straight from recognizing their existence to recognizing that they are active participants in the making of culture, not just passive consumers, and the publisher needs to actively engage them in that, not just finally grasp they're important and start grabbing their email address."

The best salesperson a publisher has for a book is the author

19 Aug 2011 di 40k team

Bob Mayer: "The best salesperson a publisher has for a book is the author. Work with them. Make it worth their time. I actually think the advance model might be antiquated and a profit sharing model could work much better"

The only thing that ever really sells books

17 Aug 2011 di 40k team

David Gaughran: The 21st century world-weary reader is a hard person to reach. Our environment has become so saturated with advertisements that we tend to tune them out. Broadcasters need to resort to tricks like raising the volume levels of the ads to force us to pay attention.

Here Comes Amazon Publishing

17 Aug 2011 di 40k Team

Guardian: Amazon.com has made the first "major" acquisition for its New York-based publishing imprint, snapping up rights in bestselling self-help author Timothy Ferriss's new book The 4-Hour Chef.

BookLamp Launches a Pandora For Books

17 Aug 2011 di 40k Team

Mashable: "Much like Pandora assigns specific qualities to music, BookLamp measures the story components of a book (characteristics like history, domestic environments, physical injury) and how it’s written (density, pacing, dialog, description, motion)."

Secret Lives

22 Jul 2011 di 40k Team

Jeff VanderMeer, World Fantasy Award winner, is a full time fantasy best seller author. You can also read his essays and reviews for The Washington Post Book World, Publishers Weekly, The New York Times Book Review, and many others. "Secret Lives" was previously published in a signed, limited, numbered edition.

SciFi: 12 Flying Starts

12 Jul 2011 di 40k Team

eBooks: Discover great award-winning authors starting with a low investment in terms of reading time.

40k Librarians!

29 Jun 2011 di Letizia Sechi

Librarians!As you may have understood, we 40k guys tremendously enjoy our job. And that's also because you, the readers, are the most intelligent part of the whole publishing system.

A Thrilling, Supernatural Story

24 Jun 2011 di 40k Team

Published today.
If you don't know Pearlman' stories, The Colonel's Jeep is a great opportunity to start reading a sophisticated author.

Meet Mike Resnick

20 Jun 2011 di 40k Team

Mike ResnickMike Resnick currently stands first on the Locus list of all-time award winners, living of dead, for short fiction, and 4th on the all-time list of award winners for all lengths.

Piotr Kowalczyk: "E-books will be better and better"

14 Jun 2011 di 40k Team

Piotr Kowalczyk is a technology geek, e-book enthusiast, self-publisher. Guest writer at TeleRead and partner of Read an E-book Week. Founder of Ebook Friendly - a service, which lets you discover e-books in a distraction-free way

How To Write Science Fiction

02 Jun 2011 di 40k Team

Paul Di Filippo«Paul Di Filippo is a science fiction novelist and short story writer of wide genrebending influence, as well as a journalist, a sometimes comics writer, a mail art fiend, and a bunch of other things that are probably very hard to describe.

[Review] Nimbin Life: Keepsakes

25 May 2011 di 40k team

«Keepsakes opens as starfaring a police procedural. All the usual suspects are there - the grizzled older cop who's seen it all, the keen new starter who's convinced he has the answers and is going to shake things up, and the fast food joi...

[Review] Honeyed Words: Keepsakes by Mike Resnick

25 May 2011 di 40k team

«My favorite part of this story is the shifting alignment of the characters. You're never quite sure whether to be sympathetic to Gabe or to Jebediah, whether tolerance or intolerance is the moral high ground. As the story unfolds and the ...

Daniel Pearlman: Dystopias will never go away.

11 May 2011 di Daria Bernardoni

Daniel Perlman: Even if current technology does catch up with the gadgetry employed in SF tales, a good story never should depend on the "wonder" reaction to its scientific content alone or primarily

Keepsakes and The Final Dream: 40k's Call for Reviewers!

10 May 2011 di Letizia Sechi

Yes, man, we're looking for you. Do you like Sci-fi, intimate, dreamlike stories? Than you can be interested on our offer: a call for reviewers. Here're titles we're interested to listen your opinion about:

[Review] « eulana: The Final Dream by Daniel Pearlman

09 May 2011 di 40k team

«One of the things I love the most about Daniel Pearlman's story is the realistic elements of it. Although the book itself is sci-fi, I could easily see our society heading down this path, where people subscribe to dreamcasts as easily as ...

A shocking story

21 Apr 2011 di 40k Team

If you love literary fiction, you should read Jacob Appel.  
He won many important awards: Boston Review (1998), New Millennium (2004, 2007, 2008), Faulkner (2004), O. Henry Award (2001). And readers usually cannot forget Appel's stories.

[Review] « eulana: The Astral Disruptor

18 Apr 2011 di 40k team

«The concept that someone could steal the sky and melt it down into liquid was fascinating to me. I didn't realize "the sky" meant the entire universe until the characters broke through the ceiling to find the Earth moon encased in it too....

[Review] Helmy Kusuma's review of Keepsakes

15 Apr 2011 di 40k team

«The kind of story that hooks you and makes you think... Even with an open ending, well especially with open ending, you are forced to use your imagination...» Full review: www.goodreads.com Learn more: Keepsakes

What happens in the brain when you read

04 Apr 2011 di Tom Stafford

Livia Blackburne: "We care about the events of the story, the characters, the lessons that we draw. And most of that comes after we finished the book, when we are turning the story over and over in our heads."

[Review] Livia Blackburne: Keepsakes

03 Apr 2011 di 40k team

«In the science fiction novella, to law enforcement officials tracked down mysterious "Space Gypsies," who travel between the galaxies tricking people into giving them their most treasured possessions. Who are these people, and why are the...

[Review] « eulana: Keepsakes by Mike Resnick

30 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Imagine finding yourself in a desperate situation -perhaps even a matter of life or death- but you have no way to resolve the problem. Suddenly, as if sent from heaven, a Good Samaritan appears and says that he and his friends can help. A...

Put the reader first

29 Mar 2011 di Letizia Sechi

"How do you want the child to feel when he touches the screen and something happens?" [Deborah Forte - Scholastic]

[Review] Brain Pickings: "Black Swan" by Bruce Sterling

28 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Master of cyberlit Bruce Sterling spins this enthralling tale about an Italian technology blogger, his unexpected hacker ally, and their discovery – something that threatens to revise history as we know it. We started reading Black Swan and couldn’t put down our Kindle until the last word.»

[Review] Brain Pickings: "Selling Stories Successfully"

28 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«British marketing professor Stephen Brown authored the highly entertaining piece Selling Stories Successfully, at once a manifesto for “self-promotion and shameless authorpreneurship” and an exploration of what makes for good contemporary fiction. We took assiduous notes – or rather annotated our digital text – while reading this guide for writers who want to see their work get onto shelves and screens.»

[Review] Brain Pickings: "From Words To Brain"

28 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«MIT graduate student and neuroscientist Livia Blackburne penned the fantastic essay From Words to Brain (Can neuroscience teach you to be a better writer?), which uses the children's classic "Little Red Riding Hood" to investigate the com...

[Review] « eulana: "Benchwarmer" by Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn

28 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«The authors do a fantastic job of showing that even as people grow older, they're never really alone. Not only is this story wonderful because it addresses the common fears of loneliness that come with age, but also because it shows that ...

There's just no future in making money solely from selling digital content

14 Mar 2011 di gg

Richard Nash: "Digital, to my mind, is the place of discovery and sampling, ie not of significant monetization. The money for creators and their immediate partners will be in the unhackable—the physical products and the experiences (synchronous, asynchronous, colocated, distanced)"

[Review] By the Book Reviews: "From Words to Brain"

14 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«I suggest to you that Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) neuroscience graduate student Livia has in "From Words to Brain" written a pretty good introduction to Linguistics as a field of study both formal or private. She quite spe...

[Review] Coconutboots Reviews: Benchwarmer

13 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«A poignant tale about where imaginary best friends go after we are done with them. This story focuses on, Mr Paloobi; a suited bear like figure that is conjured up from the imagination of a lonely, overlooked young boy. They play chess an...

[Interview] The Novel Road Interview: Livia King Blackburne

09 Mar 2011 di 40k team


Would we write the same if we understood more about how the mind really works? If we knew that synapse would fire more readily with one word than another, would we change how we write to gain clarity or a wider audience?

Douglas: Talk about how the mind interprets Point of View and narrative distance.

Livia: We are social animals, so our brains are wired to interact with other people. We are equipped with many tools to figure out what other people are thinking and feeling. Some of these tools include facial expressions, body language, our understanding of the situation, etc. As writers then, our job is to replicate these cues so the reader knows what the characters are thinking and feeling. It's an interesting way to look at the “show don't tell” rule -- you could frame it instead as saying that a writer should use natural emotion cues rather than just telling the reader that little Johnny is sad.

Douglas: Talk about your incredibly interesting “From Words To Brain” essay. Out of all the literature to choose from, you chose “Little Red Riding Hood. Why?

Livia: Reading is interesting in that it's so automatic, yet so complex. There are so many brain processes involved, from the decoding of symbol on the page, to seeing the images that words describe, to understanding and identifying with the characters in the story. In the essay, I take the reader on a tour of the brain, following the words on the page through different levels to see what happens.

[Review] Daria's review of Selling Stories Successfully

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Marketing meets Literature. And it works. Stephen Brown, a proved expert about that mushup, amazes 40k's readers with an essay that shakes wannabe writers up. He is not so kind to purer-than-pure literati and shy authors: if you want to s...

[Review] Chris reviews "Black Swan" by Bruce Sterling

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«One of the newer topics, and by newer I mean several years but new to many, is is membrane fiction. We have always had sci-fi about multiple world in other dimensions, but with the advent of a growing scientific camp of believers in Brane...

[Review] Mickey Blue Eyes's review of "The Parthenopean Scalpel"

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Therefore I loved even more how the canvas of Italian epic, that I generally felt monumental and rather boring, became instead the board upon Sterling etched a tale that resonates of different genres: historical, gothic, romance, possibly the indefinable work of Wu Ming, and the immortal themes of love and jealousy.

[Review] By the Book Reviews: "The Phantom Festival"

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«But it is a fun story and on Kindle it will cost you a buck. Measured on Go Train level, 'The Phantom Festival' offers equal amusement to one of the Toronto dailies read while chugging downtown from Mississauga. I also hope Hughes expands...

[Review] SF Signal: Except the Music by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Except the Music reads like a mainstream piece of fiction; the fantastical element of the story is marvelously underplayed, making it accessible even to casual fantasy fans. Rusch's characterization of Max is lifelike, an important ingred...

[Review] Clarissa Draper: From Words To Brain by Livia Blackburne

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«The writers goes on to examine how a reader's brain and mind works when a story is put before them. I found this very interesting and the more we learn about this, the more writers could change they way they produce stories. Fascinatin...

[Review] SF Signal: Benchwarmer by Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«As you may guess, this makes for some poignant scenes. But the authors also do a superb job at making you care about the characters and their relationship because they show that it means something to each of them. The themes that pervade ...

[Review] The Polysyllabic Spree: Black Swan. by Bruce Sterling

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Black Swan contains a large enough amount of socio-political commentary and prognostications to be current even as it meddles with alternate reality and conceptual technology, but fortunately it's far from being didactic. On the contrary,...

[Review] Time To Wake Up And Smell The Customer

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Stephen Brown, Professor of Marketing Research in the Ulster Business School, and a specialist in the marketing strategies of brand-name authors like J.K. Rowling, James Patterson and Dan Brown, says that novelists need to wake up and sme...

[Review] The Woman Condition: From Words to Brain.

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«I loved the essay. It's well written, insightful and flows like a good story. You can tell Livia is fascinated by people, the way we think and react, use language, read and write. That passion, backed up with solid scientific research...

[Review] SF Signal: The Astral Disruptor by Rhys Hughes

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«While the setup of The Astral Disruptor positions itself as a straightforward mystery, It's clear from early on that the author's approach is much more lighthearted. Mischief, for example, lives in the city of Buzzati (named after the Ita...

Joanna Penn: "Indie is about choice."

07 Mar 2011 di 40k Team

Joanna Penn is the author of Pentecost, a thriller novel. She blogs at TheCreativePenn.com and is an international speaker and business consultant.

Joanna Penn: "Indie is about choice."

07 Mar 2011 di 40k team

Joanna Penn is the author of Pentecost, a thriller novel. She blogs at TheCreativePenn.com and is an international speaker and business consultant.

Di Filippo: "Self-publishing is an unmitigated disaster. Curation is a necessity."

25 Feb 2011 di 40k Team

Paul Di Filippo «is a science fiction novelist and short story writer of wide genrebending influence, as well as a journalist, a sometimes comics writer, a mail art friend, and a bunch of other things that are probably very hard to describe. Also, the first person to use the word “Steampunk” in a book title.»

15 Bucks of Self Publishing (Books You Shouldn't Miss)

08 Feb 2011 di Daria Bernardoni

[caption id="attachment4252" align="alignleft" width="102" caption="$ 2.99"][](http://www.amazon.com/Newbies-Publishing-Everything-Writer-ebook/dp/B003I6496Y/ref=cmlmftit1)[/caption]

February Special: Essays, $ 0.99 (£ 0.71)

04 Feb 2011 di Daria Bernardoni

_"I love the underlying concept of the series this title belongs to. The publisher is 40kBooks and they specialize in both short fiction and essays. A blurb from their site says it all: "When you read an essay, you invest time. Our essays are designed to deliver focused knowledge in +/- an hour. Efficiency = Reading Time / Knowledge Delivered." Combined with talented writers like Ms. Blackburne, this pitch is a real winner. In an age of Info Overload, a promise to save me time & make me smarter? Sold." [Peter Meyers] _

Derrick de Kerckhove: The Complete Interview

31 Jan 2011 di Patrick Hester

Derrick De Kerckhove: "The stupid ones are those who do not use Google. As for the isolation bit, we can answer to Turkle that Twitter and e-mail and social media instead of throwing us back in a room of one’s own, actually never stop putting us in touch with someone."

Introducing Paul Di Filippo

27 Jan 2011 di 40k Team

Paul Di Filippo«_Paul Di Filippo is a science fiction novelist and short story writer of wide genrebending influence, as well as a journalist, a sometimes comics writer, a mail art fiend, and a bunch of other things that are probably very hard to describe. _

Tools For Contemporary Writers

25 Jan 2011 di 40k Team

Intro.  Chechlist For Getting Published Nicola Morgan: «I believe that if you can say yes to all of these, you give yourself more chance of being published. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee that doing all of them will get you published, because that depends on what you have written, how well you have written it and whether a publisher believes he can make a success of it. And magic fairy dust.» Read more.

[Writing] What Is Genre Anyway?

19 Jan 2011 di 40k Team

«Ask the man in the street what science fiction is and he'll probably say something like Atwood. He'll mention aliens, robots, spaceships and ray guns; he may add that it is set in the future. Clearly, however, this isn't a sufficient defi...

[Publishing] A Modern View On DRM

16 Jan 2011 di 40k Team

«I don't know how many DRM opponents have the interest or patience to read this blog, but please take note. It is either disingenuous or unsophisticated (or both) to use "it does nothing to deter piracy" as an argument against DRM. Most of...

Read eBooks right on your computer

13 Jan 2011 di Patrick Hester

One of the barriers that people put up between themselves and eBooks is the idea that they will have to shell out a lot of money for a new device.  That's certainly what Amazon and Apple would like you to think.

Any fool can write a novel but it takes real genius to sell it

13 Jan 2011 di Daria Bernardoni

Picture the scene. You’re a struggling writer. You’ve written the most incredible story. You’ve come up with a yarn that’s Twilight times ten, a novel that makes Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy look so last century.

[Books] The world, virtual

07 Jan 2011 di 40k Team

«Now, you may say that all of these are things that existed before. Yes, and we then built adapted versions of them for the virtual world that accommodated the fact that they were being simulated in a virtual space. And now those adaptatio...

[Writing] Sci-fi, Paul Di Filippo: "The -punk suffix is dead"

03 Jan 2011 di 40k Team

«1) SF and music can inspire each other in new movements. 2) The "-punk" suffix is dead. 3) What next? » community.livejournal.com Intersting (and provocative) post. Read the comments too. And, in case you missed it, read ...

[Publishing] 2010: The Year Self-Publishing Lost Its Stigma

02 Jan 2011 di 40k Team

«For over a decade I've been speaking at conferences about self-publishing to audiences of dejected, rejected authors. There was always a stigma associated with self-publishing, with many people considering it lower quality vanity press. ...

[Publishing] Konrath: Self-Publishing and... Prices

01 Jan 2011 di 40k Team

«1000 ebook sales a month for a $2.99 self-pubbed ebook is a very conservative number --I have ebooks regularly selling 2000 or 3000 a month. But I've NEVER had a $5.99 ebook sell 1000 copies a month, and that's what a traditional publi...

[Books] Wikiworld

30 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Wikiworld, romanzo breve (novelette, in gergo letterario) di Paul Di Filippo, è curioso quanto futuristico. Le trovate si susseguono una dopo l'altra in questo mondo in cui reale e virtuale si mescolano indistintamente o quasi. La democr...

[Publishing] Jim Hines on Ebook Marketing

30 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Here's the problem. It is all very well having your book available on Amazon, but with millions of other books also available, how is anyone going to find it, let alone buy it? There are things you can do. Good covers, good associated blu...

[Books] Un saggio tra i più stimolanti dell'anno

30 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«La strategia del cyborg è un (mini)saggio che ho trovato tra i più stimolanti dell'anno. Il concetto di cyborg può richiamare film di fastascienza o umani con protesi meccaniche o tecnologiche futuristiche. In realtà, come spiega l'au...

[Science] Do you have a brain for social networks?

29 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Study authors then looked at the volume of the amygdala, controlling for the size of the overall brain, in each participant. The relative size of the amygdala was not associated with perceived social support, satisfaction with social inte...

[Writing] Why you probably do need a blog

29 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«There's a lot of talk about 'platform' and 'brand' and 'voice', as if these are individual elements that are separate from each other. What I suggest is this: Your platform is your brand is your voice. There is no clear separation o...

[Publishing] Predictions for 2011 from Smashwords Founder

28 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«7. The customer is king- Readers will decide which books become hits, not publishers. Marketing dollars will become less effective. Reader word-of-mouth, catalyzed by social media, will reign supreme as the single most important driver of...

[Publishing] Predictions for 2011

28 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«1. Google Editions will be a game-changer in the e-book field 2. There will be at least one shocking merger or acquisition of print publishers or of print and e-book publishers 3. The Big Six publishers will raise their current royalty ...

[Publishing] How will ebooks change publishing?

28 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Books give people information, entertainment, and education. If publishers focus on how those three elements can be performed better online and through mobile, innovation and business models will follow. If we don't innovate to do those j...

[Publishing] Experiments with E-books

28 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«So I decided to experiment. In October, I put my out-of-print mainstream novel Goldfish Dreams up for sale on B&N and Amazon as a $2.99, DRM-free e-book. My friend Steven Saus did the conversion for me. (This is not an instant or easy pro...

[Writing] Can Authors Now Do It Digitally Themselves?

27 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Is this is the long-awaited dawn of creative writing, where digital not only redefines the book, how it is created, developed, promoted, distributed and rewarded, but also stimulates writing and creativity itself? We have seen the generat...

[Publishing] Your new Amazon Kindle: Five things you never knew

27 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«If you're the lucky receiver of a Kindle this Christmas, then here's five things you should know about your Kindle. It's not just an e-reader, it's much, much more&» www.electricpig.co.uk If you want more: eBooks: Guides for Newb...

[Publishing] Why I didn't buy my Mother a Kindle for Christmas

25 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«At one occasion when my mother and I were traveling, she happened to notice an iPad-like device that a man sitting next to us was using. When she inquired, I corrected her saying that it was the Amazon Kindle in his hands. Intrigued by th...

[Publishing] E-Books: Two Sides of the Coin

24 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«These days it is necessary for me to take note of debates about the effects of ebooks on the publishing industry. I therefore took the time to read recent posts by Paul Cornell and Gary Gibson. They take very different positions. Paul exp...

[Books] The internet is made out of meat

21 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«We may be barking up the wrong tree in thinking of intelligence as something we can construct mechanistically. But there are other routes to a Vingean Singularity. Augmented intelligence, as opposed to artificial intelligence, is one such...

[Publishing] Electric Literature, and the Digital Future

20 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Disruption doesn't acknowledge titles or job descriptions, and often inspires innovation from unlikely and/or unheralded sources. While the technology enabling the latest wave of disruption tends to get a disproportionate amount of att...

[Publishing] The future of stories and the Internet

19 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Multiple themes emerge in Rose's book. The first is that conventional entertainment doesn't work they way it used to.  We know that just from looking at the numbers.  Box office sales, DVD sales, music sales have all plummeted in recent...

[Writing] To be true, Science Fiction must be beautiful

19 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«One of the interesting things about Science Fiction is the way it straddles that gapping canyon of division in contemporary culture between art and science. Fiction is an art. Science is, of course, science. So what do you get if you make...

[40k] From Words to Brain: Call for Reviewers!

18 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«From Words to Brain will be launching soon! I have some review copies from my publisher, and I'm looking for reviewers. If you're interested in reviewing the essay, please leave me a comment or send me an e-mail at liviablackburne at gmai...

[40k] Booksblog: La fuga narrativa, di Tom Stafford

17 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«La fuga narrativa di Tom Stafford è uno dei saggi più interessanti che io abbia letto negli ultimi tempi e credo che chiunque viva nell'orizzonte del libro (scrittore o lettore, editore o libraio) dovrebbe leggerlo. L'argomento del sagg...

[Writing] Is science fiction dying?

17 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Of course, as we all now realize, the 21st century is proving both more and less science-fictional than the literature imagined, in strange and perhaps essentially unpredictable ways» www.salon.com Great article by Paul Di Filipp...

[40k] Antonio Consoli recensisce "Cardanica" di @DarioTonani

14 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Cardanica si potrebbe definire come un piccolo importante bestseller. Un racconto ottimo, scritto da un autore italiano che ho imparato ad apprezzare e che presto dovrebbe tornare in libreria con la seconda parte di Infect@. Il mio in bo...

[Publishing] My Kindle experiment

14 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Prior to cutting the price to 99 cents on November 1, the three books had been available on Kindle for about a week at $2.99 but I had only sold a handful after publicising them on my blog. Over the course of the first week I sold a to...

[40k] E ci si commuove anche con il kindle

14 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«E a chi accusa gli eReader di essere oggetti freddi e senz'anima, a chi sostiene che il libro di carta dà sensazioni che un ebook non può dare, a costoro dico di leggersi storie come questa, perché così capiranno che emozioni e tecnol...

[Writing] Literary vs Genre (again): snobbery and reverse snobbery

12 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«So it follows that genre tends to rely on a simpler reader psychology. If you have a body on the first page, then you raise a question: who killed it and how did it get there? And curiosity will power readers a surprisingly long way. As w...

[Writing] Nuove Narrazioni per Cervelli Vecchi

12 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Anche se con i nuovi mezzi di espressione possiamo essere stupiti da effetti speciali e colori ultravivaci, da iperlink pirotecnici e animazioni 3d, da suoni profondi e da immagini potenti, la posta in gioco consiste pur sempre nell'appro...

[Publishing] Nostalgia is not a strategy

12 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Very few of the authors we will collectively work with will be as effective as Gary Vaynerchuck, or Susan Orlean at employing social media. And that's okay. There exist other strategies besides those used by the few writers whose names ar...

[Publishing] Boyd Morrison: eBook Predictions Are Futile

11 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«<i>The one forecast I've seen consistently since that time is that the publishing industry will soon suffer a gruesome death. On this one, I disagree. The lightning fast pace of change makes it more exciting than ever to be in the publ...

[Publishing] Social media invades book world

11 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Kobo sees Reading Life as the beginning of a new era for the company and for e-reading, one where adding elements of community to the reading experience not only helps Kobo differentiate itself from rival e-book offerings from Amazon.comInc....

[Publishing] Social media invades book world

11 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

«Kobo sees Reading Life as the beginning of a new era for the company and for e-reading, one where adding elements of community to the reading experience not only helps Kobo differentiate itself from rival e-book offerings from Amazon.comInc....

The Augmented Mind

04 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

Derrick De Kerckhove is is the author of The Skin of Culture and Connected Intelligence. He is Professor in the Department of French at the University of Toronto, and in the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Naples Federico II.

40k... Compact!

04 Dec 2010 di 40k Team

40k Compact. A single ebook, four 40k.

Science fiction isn't about the future. It's only set there.

09 Nov 2010 di 40k Team

Black Swan - Bruce Sterling «I suppose we have to get used to people saying really idiotic things about science fiction», writes Shaun Duke. «Whether it's some blogger telling us that science fiction is dead (again) or a non-reader telling us that science fiction isn't literature, there seems to always be someone saying something wrong about the genre».

Our brains naturally frame events as stories

23 Oct 2010 di Livia Blackburne

Tom Stafford: "Stories are efficient summaries of reality, but that isn't all they are. Stories have an arc, they put constraints on the future - when you've heard the first half there are some things which are more likely in the second, and some less"

Cordwainer Smith

17 Oct 2010 di Rhys Hughes

Earlier this year I discovered the work of the science-fiction writer Cordwainer Smith. Always I arrive late at the fiesta! I was vaguely familiar with his name when I was younger but I had no idea his work was quite so original and bizarre as I have found it to be. Before discovering Smith's oeuvre I assumed that all pre-1960s SF authors always followed orthodox narrative structure and employed conventional 'straight' prose techniques. Even Jack Vance, the master of muscular baroque language, obeyed convention when he needed a quick resolution to a story or novel. Cordwainer Smith is different. All literature of the imagination is 'strange' and most of it is created by men and women who are not particularly strange. Most tales of the far future maintain the impression that they are imagined by writers who are living in the present: this is normal.

We are living in a virtual world

06 Oct 2010 di 40k Team

Peter Ludlow Peter is a professor of philosophy at Northwestern University and, according to MTV, is one of the 10 most influential video game players of all time. He has done much interdisciplinary work on the interface of linguistics and philosophy.

Bruce Sterling: The Complete Interview

04 Oct 2010 di Rhys Hughes

Bruce Sterling: Nowadays, New York, the center of American publishing, is the city that makes writers want to jump into rivers and die.

About the war. From Grossman to Follett.

29 Sep 2010 di Francesca Colletti

Tim Rutten reacts to Obama's war by Robert Woodward:_ "In his one-on-one interview with Woodward, Obama explained his predecessor's failure to do critical strategic and contingency planning with some empathy". _Read more on LA Times

Looking at ourselves in your eyes

23 Jul 2010 di 40k Team

40kbooks We didn't start yet to promote 40kbooks, just because we are waiting to have our first titles ready for the readers. Only a few days lefts...

Your cup of coffee

14 Jul 2010 di 40k Team

WorkingAs you can read in the sidebar, this website is in early beta.

Still working

05 Jul 2010 di 40k Team

WorkingAs you can read in the sidebar, this site is in early beta.