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[Review] Nimbin Life: Keepsakes

25 May 2011 di 40k team

«Keepsakes opens as starfaring a police procedural. All the usual suspects are there - the grizzled older cop who's seen it all, the keen new starter who's convinced he has the answers and is going to shake things up, and the fast food joi...

[Review] Honeyed Words: Keepsakes by Mike Resnick

25 May 2011 di 40k team

«My favorite part of this story is the shifting alignment of the characters. You're never quite sure whether to be sympathetic to Gabe or to Jebediah, whether tolerance or intolerance is the moral high ground. As the story unfolds and the ...

[Review] « eulana: The Final Dream by Daniel Pearlman

09 May 2011 di 40k team

«One of the things I love the most about Daniel Pearlman's story is the realistic elements of it. Although the book itself is sci-fi, I could easily see our society heading down this path, where people subscribe to dreamcasts as easily as ...

[Review] « eulana: The Astral Disruptor

18 Apr 2011 di 40k team

«The concept that someone could steal the sky and melt it down into liquid was fascinating to me. I didn't realize "the sky" meant the entire universe until the characters broke through the ceiling to find the Earth moon encased in it too....

[Review] Helmy Kusuma's review of Keepsakes

15 Apr 2011 di 40k team

«The kind of story that hooks you and makes you think... Even with an open ending, well especially with open ending, you are forced to use your imagination...» Full review: www.goodreads.com Learn more: Keepsakes

[Review] Livia Blackburne: Keepsakes

03 Apr 2011 di 40k team

«In the science fiction novella, to law enforcement officials tracked down mysterious "Space Gypsies," who travel between the galaxies tricking people into giving them their most treasured possessions. Who are these people, and why are the...

[Review] « eulana: Keepsakes by Mike Resnick

30 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Imagine finding yourself in a desperate situation -perhaps even a matter of life or death- but you have no way to resolve the problem. Suddenly, as if sent from heaven, a Good Samaritan appears and says that he and his friends can help. A...

[Review] Brain Pickings: "Black Swan" by Bruce Sterling

28 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Master of cyberlit Bruce Sterling spins this enthralling tale about an Italian technology blogger, his unexpected hacker ally, and their discovery – something that threatens to revise history as we know it. We started reading Black Swan and couldn’t put down our Kindle until the last word.»

[Review] Brain Pickings: "Selling Stories Successfully"

28 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«British marketing professor Stephen Brown authored the highly entertaining piece Selling Stories Successfully, at once a manifesto for “self-promotion and shameless authorpreneurship” and an exploration of what makes for good contemporary fiction. We took assiduous notes – or rather annotated our digital text – while reading this guide for writers who want to see their work get onto shelves and screens.»

[Review] Brain Pickings: "From Words To Brain"

28 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«MIT graduate student and neuroscientist Livia Blackburne penned the fantastic essay From Words to Brain (Can neuroscience teach you to be a better writer?), which uses the children's classic "Little Red Riding Hood" to investigate the com...

[Review] « eulana: "Benchwarmer" by Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn

28 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«The authors do a fantastic job of showing that even as people grow older, they're never really alone. Not only is this story wonderful because it addresses the common fears of loneliness that come with age, but also because it shows that ...

[Review] By the Book Reviews: "From Words to Brain"

14 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«I suggest to you that Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) neuroscience graduate student Livia has in "From Words to Brain" written a pretty good introduction to Linguistics as a field of study both formal or private. She quite spe...

[Review] Coconutboots Reviews: Benchwarmer

13 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«A poignant tale about where imaginary best friends go after we are done with them. This story focuses on, Mr Paloobi; a suited bear like figure that is conjured up from the imagination of a lonely, overlooked young boy. They play chess an...

[Interview] The Novel Road Interview: Livia King Blackburne

09 Mar 2011 di 40k team


Would we write the same if we understood more about how the mind really works? If we knew that synapse would fire more readily with one word than another, would we change how we write to gain clarity or a wider audience?

Douglas: Talk about how the mind interprets Point of View and narrative distance.

Livia: We are social animals, so our brains are wired to interact with other people. We are equipped with many tools to figure out what other people are thinking and feeling. Some of these tools include facial expressions, body language, our understanding of the situation, etc. As writers then, our job is to replicate these cues so the reader knows what the characters are thinking and feeling. It's an interesting way to look at the “show don't tell” rule -- you could frame it instead as saying that a writer should use natural emotion cues rather than just telling the reader that little Johnny is sad.

Douglas: Talk about your incredibly interesting “From Words To Brain” essay. Out of all the literature to choose from, you chose “Little Red Riding Hood. Why?

Livia: Reading is interesting in that it's so automatic, yet so complex. There are so many brain processes involved, from the decoding of symbol on the page, to seeing the images that words describe, to understanding and identifying with the characters in the story. In the essay, I take the reader on a tour of the brain, following the words on the page through different levels to see what happens.

[Review] Daria's review of Selling Stories Successfully

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Marketing meets Literature. And it works. Stephen Brown, a proved expert about that mushup, amazes 40k's readers with an essay that shakes wannabe writers up. He is not so kind to purer-than-pure literati and shy authors: if you want to s...

[Review] Chris reviews "Black Swan" by Bruce Sterling

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«One of the newer topics, and by newer I mean several years but new to many, is is membrane fiction. We have always had sci-fi about multiple world in other dimensions, but with the advent of a growing scientific camp of believers in Brane...

[Review] Mickey Blue Eyes's review of "The Parthenopean Scalpel"

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Therefore I loved even more how the canvas of Italian epic, that I generally felt monumental and rather boring, became instead the board upon Sterling etched a tale that resonates of different genres: historical, gothic, romance, possibly the indefinable work of Wu Ming, and the immortal themes of love and jealousy.

[Review] By the Book Reviews: "The Phantom Festival"

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«But it is a fun story and on Kindle it will cost you a buck. Measured on Go Train level, 'The Phantom Festival' offers equal amusement to one of the Toronto dailies read while chugging downtown from Mississauga. I also hope Hughes expands...

[Review] SF Signal: Except the Music by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Except the Music reads like a mainstream piece of fiction; the fantastical element of the story is marvelously underplayed, making it accessible even to casual fantasy fans. Rusch's characterization of Max is lifelike, an important ingred...

[Review] Clarissa Draper: From Words To Brain by Livia Blackburne

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«The writers goes on to examine how a reader's brain and mind works when a story is put before them. I found this very interesting and the more we learn about this, the more writers could change they way they produce stories. Fascinatin...

[Review] SF Signal: Benchwarmer by Mike Resnick and Lezli Robyn

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«As you may guess, this makes for some poignant scenes. But the authors also do a superb job at making you care about the characters and their relationship because they show that it means something to each of them. The themes that pervade ...

[Review] The Polysyllabic Spree: Black Swan. by Bruce Sterling

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Black Swan contains a large enough amount of socio-political commentary and prognostications to be current even as it meddles with alternate reality and conceptual technology, but fortunately it's far from being didactic. On the contrary,...

[Review] Time To Wake Up And Smell The Customer

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«Stephen Brown, Professor of Marketing Research in the Ulster Business School, and a specialist in the marketing strategies of brand-name authors like J.K. Rowling, James Patterson and Dan Brown, says that novelists need to wake up and sme...

[Review] The Woman Condition: From Words to Brain.

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«I loved the essay. It's well written, insightful and flows like a good story. You can tell Livia is fascinated by people, the way we think and react, use language, read and write. That passion, backed up with solid scientific research...

[Review] SF Signal: The Astral Disruptor by Rhys Hughes

08 Mar 2011 di 40k team

«While the setup of The Astral Disruptor positions itself as a straightforward mystery, It's clear from early on that the author's approach is much more lighthearted. Mischief, for example, lives in the city of Buzzati (named after the Ita...