The Digital Self Manifesto

Gianni Catalfamo

The digitisation of our lives is accelerating: bank accounts, telephone bills, health records, airline tickets - all of these are now somewhere in the Cloud,, for us to access anywhere, anytime from any device; moreover, we share increasing portions of our lives though status updates, pictures, blog posts, comments, restaurant and hotel ratings and so on.

The consequences of unauthorised access to our digital identity can be catastrophic, but so can be the impossibility to access it by the rightful owner: if we lost passwords when we had one or two, imagine how much more likely it is for this to happen now that we have hundreds.

Identity is however only a small part of a problem that is spiralling out of control: intellectual property of anything we create and share is at the mercy of unilateral terms and conditions we often accept without proper consideration and our network of connections with other people is being exploited without us being aware.

This book brings all these things together in the attempt to initiate a process to define a technical and legislative framework for the proper management of our Digital Self.

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