Etextbooks 2.0

Emanuela Zibordi

There are many ways to engage students in participatory learning. One of these could be writing e-textbooks with their teachers.In this brief tutorial, the author will show you how to build an ebook starting from the collaborative writing, making the path of knowledge for your own teaching context and involving your students in their learning processes. With simple and free applications, you can get e-textbook accessible from any device: digital learning objects that are flexible, integrated with resources from the Web, but also reusable, creative and closed to your specific educational needs. "In this ebook, I am proposing a new method of organizing manuals and textbooks, through the involvement of students themselves in each phase of implementation. The underlying philosophy is the same used in resources organization on the Web in the current Web 2.0 environment."

RT @melamela Be a brave teacher. Build e-textbooks with your adventurous students!

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