Fallout is the radioactive dust that settles to the ground after a nuclear explosion. But fallout is also a side effect, any adverse and unwanted secondary effect. Maggie must decide what kind of fallout her family has to face after 9/11. Her husband Frank believes that 9/11 was only the beginning, that new attacks are coming to destroy the USA. But what if there is a more subtle way in which that terrible day changed their lives forever? «She remembers this phrase from his final months of law school, when he brought home the books on starting up a business. He'd read ravenously for several weeks and then predicted: "Well, darling, we're going to be rich." Now he slaps shut the last of his books and announces, with equal assurance: "We're all going to die…"» On the thin line between fear and paranoia, love and obstinacy, nothing said is set in stone.

“Special mention” for the 2006 Pushcart Prize

I famosi metadati

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